The widespread use of the internet has caused changes in the traditional concept of commerce and brought new applications and new concepts to our lives. One of these applications is e-commerce. With e-commerce, people have turned to alternative payment methods instead of money. Parallel to economic and scientific development, money became abstract. Especially in recent years, the use of digital and virtual money has become remarkably widespread and the World CASH Win Coin is one of the most remarkable examples of this. World CASH Win Coin; It is an encrypted digital and standalone currency produced as an open source code. WCWCoin, like any other currency, is a currency that we can spend on our purchases and online. Wcwcoin is not affiliated with a central authority. Because Wcwcoin is produced on the network, not under the control of central banks. So there is no legal control. Many obstacles may arise in bank transfers. In the Wcwcoin system, every day of the week and every
Money transfers are performed quickly on time. Wcwcoin accounts are free of charge and can be opened without any questions. In addition, the system does not provide information about user information.

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