The widespread use of the internet is why writing in the traditional business language is new to our lives. applications and new concepts. One of these applications is e-commerce. People with e-commerce They have turned to alternative payment methods instead of money. Economic and research come parallel money has become abstract. Verbal chat of the latest digital and virtual currency has become widespread in an attractive way and one of WCWC’s most valuable examples of value. WCWC; Usage encrypted as open linked code it is a digital and independent currency. WCWC like other money exchanges, in our purchases and on surfaces It is a currency that we can spend. WCWC is not affiliated with a central authority. Because WCWC is the center It is produced on the network, not under the control of banks. So there is no legal control. Bank There may be many obstacles in money transfers. In the WCWC system, every day of the week and every Quickly transfers money on time. WCWC accounts, free of charge, no questions asked It has the feature of opening. It also does not provide information about system information

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