In general, investors see Bitcoin investments as a long-term investment and plan accordingly. Of course, it is impossible to know who will live in this long term and there is no guarantee of survival.

While this is extremely annoying, it would probably be best for anyone to have your loved ones available to your loved ones if your Bitcoin (BTC) investments are inaccessible forever.

It is impossible to access the BTCs you have under normal circumstances without your own will. Of course, you can share the ways of transportation to your Bitcoin wallet with your loved ones with a system and will, but there is a safer way than that.

AICC holding found a solution for this. With the service called “Casa WCWC”, Bitcoin owners can grant access to the Bitcoins that they love with multiple signatures. Thanks to this service, it is possible to take a precaution for both theft and lost investments.

With the service, you have to authorize 5 different people to sign. With the permission of 3 of these 5 people and the approval of 1 lawyer, the system gives approval for access to your wallet and your Bitcoins are opened to your loved ones.