Human resources management services


Human resources management services

We offer the following human resources services in accordance with the Labor Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We think you can spend more time on your business using our services.


Employment contracts with employees in accordance with the Labor Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Documenting recruitment, dismissal, transfer, leave, business trip and other orders by the enterprise;

Changing, adding and modifying the terms of the employment contract or preparing a protocol with the consent of the employer and employee;

Termination of employment contract (together with its reasons) and employee guarantees in case of termination;

Employee leave rights and provision (labor, education, creativity, social, unpaid leave);

Providing employees’ social insurance;

Providing workbooks to employees;

Preparation of employment logs;

Ensuring the rights of employees in jobs with harmful working conditions;

Ensuring women’s and worker rights under the age of 18;

Ensuring the rights of the disabled;

Preparation of references, references for employees;

Mandatory insurance of employees due to work accidents and occupational diseases;

Providing health insurance to employees and their families if necessary;

Compiling all statistical reports and submitting them to the State Employment Service;


Calculation of monthly salaries for the enterprise;

Preparation of a table showing the hours of the employee during the day;

Preparation of appropriate personnel list for the enterprise;

Calculating annual leave wages for employees or compensation for unused leaves;

Paying the wages of the work done on holidays that are not accepted as days of leave and working days;

Ensuring the rights of employees working overtime;

Calculation of the disease, pregnancy and childbirth, layoffs, recruitment, one-time benefits for the birth of a child, care for a child under three years of age and other benefits for employees;

Preparation of final accounts;

Payment for temporary replacement;

Ensuring employee rights in case of dismissal due to employer’s or employee’s fault;

Preparation of employee bills;


Observing mobile inspections by the State Labor Inspectorate and the State Social Protection Fund.