Visa Electron

-Beneficiary Customer: az48ubaz07281124241020usd001

-Beneficiary Bank: Unibank CB, SWIFT address: UBAZAZ22 (Baku, AZ, Azerbaijan)

-Correspondent No.account 30111840200000000159

-Correspondent Bank: transkapitalbank / Russia Federation / Moscow / SWIFT , TJSCRUMM

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– (+994)998602030







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Web Money USD

-WMZ: Z359932692200

Web Money EURO

-WME: E181040468812

Turkey Ziraat Bank

– Iban: TR30 0001 0013 4593 8056 5450 01

Name & Surname: Sayıd Arslan



Note: Your money will not be refunded if the amount is not paid in full to the account !

Legal advice:

on real estate (purchase, gift, registration of lands and apartments and other);

labour issues;

on issues related to road traffic;

on migration issues;

for questions about the place of residence;

on civil procedural law

on civil law,

on criminal procedure law,

on criminal law,

on issues related to licensing;

on construction;

on issues relating to customs;

on organization of the business and its management;

on issues related to preparation of contracts, applications, complaints and other documents;

on tax issues;

on issues related to complaints to the European Court of Human Rights;

as well as other issues related to the legislation

Fee for 1 consultation: 100 $. (or equivalent coin)

Legal support in any sphere of business.

Consultations in sphere of business, economic policy, legal status, support of investment projects;

Preparation of internal local documents (duty regulations, by-laws about structural divisions, etc.), assistance in conducting;

Development of administrative system of human resources – mobilization of opportunities and individual consultation of employees of HR service; management of HR, development of policy and procedures of management for recruitment and selection of personnel; functioning and monitoring; training and development; an evaluation of work.

Checking a correctness of all business documents;

Assistance in cases of the disagreement between parties to contracts.

Fee for 1 consultation: 200 $. (or equivalent coin)

Migration services $ 500 ( Ekcalent )

Questions related to family law, labor law, civil and criminal law $ 30 (or equivalent)

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