What is WCWC ?

People and institutions using smart negotiation
CW Bonus wins in shopping and this CW
It is a system that will convert bonuses, WCW Coin and cash.
For applications, the total included in the WCWC system
perform shopping analyzes of the mass and personalize accordingly
commercial by ensuring that campaigns reach these masses
strengthen their activities and build existing ones
is a system that achieves its loyalty.
WCW Coins are all over the world as they please
they convert cash with a small commission or again
used in payments.

• World CASH WIN Coin (WCWC) personal security (fingerprint, eye)
retina, facial control, voice recognition, etc.) or QR
ability to process code at all points.
• With one-person identification and personal security
instant purchase and sale of goods, services, cash.
• All income and expenses are in the WCWC wallet.

• WCWC payment for all applications that want to log in
and will be linked to the scholarship algorithm.
• From scholarships and payments to the system at all times
The 2% commission will drop the CW Bonus.
• CW Bonus WCW Coin or cash at any time
can be converted
• There will be a WCW Coin Exchange. Everything is bought on this stock exchange
can be sold. All except goods and services
even the shares of the companies will be able to be bought and sold.
• The system will create its own economy and emerge
the structure will be the reciprocity of real goods and services.
• Goods and money in a system that is open to international circulation
transfers will be easier and cheaper.

• It will be a WCWC wallet for everyone and every business (with this personal security data
will be fixed so that it is not used by anyone).
• No equipment is even required to use CW Bonus or WCW Coin
will not stay. Personal data such as eye retina and fingerprints will be used.
• Enterprises registered in the system to their customers in the system at every use
CW will give Bonus.
• CW Bonuses immediately after the customers purchase
will pass.
• CW Bonuses for all uses, commission of the company that owns the system
will instantly be transferred to the company’s account.
• Half of the commission received by the company that owns the system for customer returns,
pays back.
• Since the value of CW’Bonus and WCW Coins will be determined in the stock market,
their earnings will be valued and there will be no giving or receiving interest.
• When sending and receiving WCW Coin to personal wallets, the sender and receiver
0.2% of commission is charged from each.

What Businesses Earn;

• Businesses are big and have potential
they will have a portfolio of customers.
• You can reach this audience instantly and
They will be able to advertise.
• New products from here
will be able to introduce.
• They will be able to make in-app sales.
• Will be able to make online sales.
• Lower marketing costs
will be able to shoot.
• Analyze the personal consumption of customers
will be able to make a campaign.

What Consumers Earn;

• They will be able to instantly see the campaigns of the businesses in the system.
• There will be personal campaigns.
Except for CW Bonuses, businesses have priority over their own campaigns
they will benefit.
• Businesses will be able to earn CW Bonuses.
• They will be able to use these CW Bonuses as they wish and convert them into cash.
• Since CW Bonuses will increase in value in the stock market, they will not charge or pay interest.
• In case of death, CW Bonus and Coins will be left to his heirs.
• Send WCW Coin to anywhere in the world at very low cost and
they will be able to.
• International online shopping and money transfers with low commission costs
it will be easier.
• When users leave their home countries,
they won’t need to carry. He will use the WCWC system.
• WCW Coins are very cheap instantly if they need cash in international roaming.
they will convert it into cash with a commission.
• Recommend it, get into the system you recommended, and
profit will be gained.

How the System Will Work in Businesses;

Payment recorder in transactions
WCWC system integration will be made to the devices.
• The customer who will transact with this integration means
Connect to our servers with the confirmation code
will take and the transaction will take place.
Security check of WCWC member (retinal scan,
fingerprint, voice control, qr code etc.)
then the process will take place.
• When the customer makes a transaction, for the customer
CW Bonus applied to the customer’s account
will be transferred.
This is the case within the company that owns the system.
company as the commission rate CW Bonus
will be transferred to your account.

Benefits of Being a WCWC Member;

Access to periodic bonuses, profit shares and incentives.
Our One World One Market philosophy gives you the right to enjoy worldwide bonuses with a single subscription.
You have the opportunity to take your business to international markets by recruiting special discounts and employing distributors from an unlimited number of businesses with which we have contracts from anywhere in the world with hundreds of registered members and more than 180 countries.
Buy items at a cheaper Distributor Price compared to the Retail Price through the World Cash Win Coin system.
Travel opportunities around the world.
Access to free, systematic training modules, coaching and 24-hour support.

How It Will Work For Customers;

• Customers can access the WCWC system for a monthly fee.
• Customers have official personal information (citizenship
ID), retina, fingerprint, voice control, QR
they will match the security system like code and
CW Bonuses and WCW Coins only
they will be able to use it themselves.
• to others only with their consent
themselves CW Bonus and WCW Coin
they will be able to send.
• CW earned on purchases
Bonus and WCW Coins instantly to your accounts

What do we offer?

1) EARNING AND INDEPENDENT BUSINESS (Get an additional source of income, do business and grow.) Only you can make the decision. Build a successful career with World Cash Win Coin and get products at a special discounted price. You set the time for this. You are your own boss!
You will learn to attract new people and grow your business.

2) TRAVEL (Go on the path to success and we will gladly invite you to the annual international conferences held in the most picturesque corners of the world.) Do you want to see the world? Our business partners can travel to more than 40 countries on 5 continents.

3) Make new friends (Feel like a member of a friendly team and make friends from all over the world.)